Soviet Guards Infantry Carson 776376

Soviet Guards Infantry Carson 776376
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The Red Army had 303 divisions (4.8 million troops) at the time Germany invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941. The Red Army suffered terrible defeats before the tide began to turn with such historic victories as the Battle of Stalingrad. A total of 29.5 million men were conscripted into the army during the Great Patriotic War, and when WWII finally ended, the Soviets had the most powerful ground force in the history of mankind. The Red Army had more tanks and artillery than all other countries combined! Dragon’s latest 1/35 figure set depicts combat-proven Red Army soldiers fighting in 1944-45 near the end of the conflict.

This is the very first Soviet Gen2 set, and what a set it is! The four figures are from a Guards infantry unit, and after a fierce battle against German defenders they share a bottle of vodka in a moment of calm. Each soldier is wearing an M1940 helmet, and they are clad in a Telogreika (winter jacket), breeched and boots. These finely sculpted figures possess a mini-arsenal, with a whole range of exciting weapons reproduced to Gen2 standards. Weapons include the famous PPSh41 submachine gun, DP28 light machine gun, PPS43, and even a captured German panzerfaust. This figure set is portrayed in incredibly lifelike poses, and will find applications in all sorts of scenes. They could be displayed in a stand-alone vignette, or combined with one of Dragon’s new Soviet tanks that have recently appeared on the market. The possibilities are endless for these superbly molded soldiers, made all the more appealing by their incomparable Gen2 level of quality!

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