Cinestar 2 Achsen Gimbal 0983

Cinestar 2 Achsen Gimbal  0983
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Cinestar 2 Achsen Gimbal 0983

Cinestar 2 Axis Gimbal

The CineStar 2-Axis Camera Gimbal is designed for professional aerial cinematography. It is a lightweight, high performance camera gimbal designed to fit on the CineStar product line. As a purpose built cinema camera gimbal, careful attention has been given to ensure the design is as adjustable and functional as possible. Camera technology is evolving and changing at an ever increasing pace and the CineStar Gimbal is built to allow for a wide range of camera options. It includes the ability to top or bottom mount the camera and can be adjusted to fit anything from a GoPro to a RED EPIC. Constructed using rigid 25mm carbon tubes, the CineStar Gimbal shows very little flex, even under heavy loads. For aerial cinematography use, it is critical that the camera gimbal be completely slop free and the camera be supported as rigidly as possible. The CineStar Gimbal uses a 5mm thick piece of carbon mounted to a 25mm cross tube to hold the camera rock solid.

Additional CineStar 2-Axis Camera Gimbal Features:

  • + Freefly 360 degree low slop servos
  • + 5:1 Belt drive reduction ratio on tilt and roll axis
  • + 5mm thick carbon camera plate
  • + Hard coated aluminum shafts
  • + Dual ball bearing roll and tilt axis
  • + Fully a

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