Ishima - Booster 1-12 Ready To Run ISH-010

Ishima - Booster 1-12 Ready To Run ISH-010
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HAN: ISH-010
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Ishima - Booster 1-12 Ready To Run ISH-010

The Booster 4WD Desert Buggy is ideal entry level model to discover the exciting world of RC Racing. In the Ishima Racing range there are 4 different models built around a shaft driven 4wd chassis platform. There is a model type for every off road r/c nut.Packed with scale detailing, the Booster 4WD Desert Buggy is modeled around the classic sand racers that blast through the deserts and sand dunes. It’s 1/12th scale sizing makes it look so neath.Underneath the bodyshell you find the factory pre-assembled chassis. The Booster 4WD just requires you to charge the supplied Lithium battery and add some AA batteries for the 2.4ghz radio, and you are ready to hit your favorite track or playground. A full ball bearing supported shaft driven 4wd transmission with geared differentials provides a smooth and reliable transmission system. The high quality aluminium oil filled shock absorbers will soak up the bumps and jumps. Battery access is simple via the hinged bottom loading battery cover. The water resistant 3in1 speed controller and high torque brushed motor give the Booster 4WD that excellent scale speed of approx 35km/h. There are not many RTR models out there that look much slicker than the Booster 4WD. The low price, the Booster 4WD is ideal for first time r/c fans who want more than just a toy grade model. Each model features some superb detailing and custom finshed bodyshells. Power and control is provided by a 2.4ghz radio system and electronic speed control, while a Lithium battery powers the brushed motor for excellent scale speed. In addition the ball bearing supported, shaft driven 4wd system and metal oil filled shock absorbers are something not seen on similar vehicles within this price bracket.Others then with toy-grade cars in this price level, all spare parts are available for this model.Features:• 99% Ready-To-Run 1/12th Scale• Oil filled threaded body aluminium shock absorbers• Front and rear geared differentials.• Shaft-driven 4WD system.• Full ballraced, 16 pcs• Enclosed and centrally placed 390 type motor• Water resistant 3in1 electronic speed control unit• Easy access to batteries from underside battery hatch• Enclosed Unibox type chassis• All spare parts availableTech specs:• Scale: 1/12th Scale• Length: 338mm• Width:214mm• Height: 109mm• Transmission: 4WD Shaft driven• Ball Bearings: Full ballraced, 16 pcs• Shocks: Oil filled aluminum shocks• Motor: 390 Type Electric motor• ESC: 3in1 system waterresistant• Battery: Lithium 7.4V 1500mAh• Charger: Balance safety chargerRequired for operation• 3 x AA Batteries

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