1:24 Alfa Romeo V6 TI Martini 1996 Tamiya 24176 300024176

1:24 Alfa Romeo V6 TI Martini 1996 Tamiya 24176 300024176
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1:24 Alfa Romeo V6 TI Martini 1996 Tamiya 24176 300024176

About the Martini Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI

The DTM or the German Touring Car Championships continues to enjoy a worldwide popularity among the racing buffs. Its exciting competitions performed by highly tuned 2.5 liter machines are often called the pinnacle of the worlds touring car events.

In 1996, this popular series was re-established as the International Touring Car Championships (ITC), with races held not only in Europe, but also in Brazil and Japan. The famous Italian car manufacturer Alfa Romeo has been one of the principal figures in the series since its first entry back in 1993. For the 1996 season, their 155 V6 TI was further souped up and a total of eight cars were entered from three different racing teams. Its high revving V6 cylinder engine was said to yield an awesome 450 plus horsepower output. This tremendous power was transmitted to all four wheels via a semi-automatic 6-speed transmission and electronically controlled front, rear and center differentials. The four wheel double wishbone suspension was equipped with horizontally mounted shock absorbers activated by pushrods. The exterior, although retaining some of the original appearance, underwent numerous aerodynamic and weight saving refinements.

The Martini sponsored 155 V6 TIs were piloted by the talented drivers N. Larini and A. Nannini. With its eye-catching color scheme and aggressive performance, the Martini Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI pleased the racing fans throughout the 1996 ITC season

Technische Details:

- Features a highly accurate recreation of the body of the 155 V6 TI.
- The V6 engine is recreated in impressive detail, with separate parts depicting air funnels and intake.
- The underside of the car features realistic depictions of suspension and exhaust system.
- Interior features roll cage, bucket seat and instrumentation captured in detail.
- Realistic synthetic rubber tires.
- Markings are included to recreate the distinctive Martini-sponsored cars of Nannini and Larini.

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