1:72 F-5Tiger"Patrouille Suisse"50thAnni Carson 1395 510001395

1:72 F-5TigerPatrouille Suisse50thAnni Carson 1395 510001395
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1:72 F-5Tiger"Patrouille Suisse"50thAnni Carson 1395 510001395

 Length of the model 201 mm

The Northrop F-5 was born in the 60s to meet the needs of many Countries belonging to NATO that required a multi-role fighter simple, low cost and easy to maintain. In the early 70s the improved version, called F-5E Tiger II, has been developed. It was characterized by the adoption of the new General Electric J85 turbo-jet engines able to provide much higher thrust and a better performance. The F-5 Tiger II has a lengthened and enlarged fuselage, more fuel on board able to guarantee a better operating range and an improved avionic system suitable to fulfil the main role of air defence fighter. The main armament is composed by two 20mm. guns, installed in the nose
under the cabin, and several hard points, able to carry combinations of air-to-air missiles. The F-5E was a great commercial success. It was also produced under license in South Korea, Taiwan and Switzerland were in 1995 was adopted from the national acrobatic team “Patrouille Suisse”.

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