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WP JET SPRINT Graupner 2105 In Australia and New Zealand hotly contested races are held for these small high-speed jet-boats. The full-size machines are powered by 8-cylinder engines rated at around 1000 BHP combined with a jet propulsion unit. The races are run against the clock over a staked-out course consisting of narrow channels. The boats are capable of top speeds of around 145 km/hr, and acceleration from 0 to 140 km/hr takes 3 seconds.To find out more about this electrifying sport please refer to the August 1998 issue of the German magazine "Schiffsmodell". With a SPEED 600 RACE 7.2 V electric motor and two low-cost 4-cell batteries our Jet-Boat is capable of speeds up to about 23 km/hr. In its standard form the jet-boat operates without a servo-operated reversing flap on the Mini-Jet propulsion unit, which means that a low-cost 2-channel radio control system (e.g. C 4 RACE) can be used. The experienced modeller may prefer to fit a 3-channel RC system so that the reversing flap on the jet unit can be controlled to provide reverse running.

Quick-build plan showing RC installation and building instructions in German, English and French. Vacuum-moulded hull, deck and cover including dummy engine and driver figures, Mini-JET unit, pre-formed railing parts and aluminium tube for the dummy exhaust, boatstand materials, small parts.

Proportional speed control
Optional: reversing flap

Hull length approx. 410 mm
Overall length approx. 450 mm
Beam approx. 185 mm
All-up weight incl. RC system and drive battery approx. 1.1 kg

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