WP HYPER 8.5 4WD BUGGY RTR MI Graupner 90047.RTR

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WP HYPER 8.5 4WD BUGGY RTR MI Graupner 90047.RTR The HYPER 8.5 RTR 4-WD Racing Buggy is based on the HYPER 8.5 PRO used by the 2007 European Champion, and is supplied 95% factory-assembled
Factory-assembled, ready-to-run four-wheel drive chassis with three differentials
High-quality two-channel 27 MHz AM rotary-knob radio control system, with steering / throttle servos and receiverinstalled and connected. The steering and throttle linkages are pre-adjusted.
Reliable, high-performance Hyper MAC 21 3P motor, capacity approx. 3.5 cc, with pull-cord starter
Four adjustable oil-filled shock absorbers, pre-filled and installed
Fuel filler bottle and tool supplied
Pre-trimmed polycarbonate body shell, multi-colour painted
The comprehensive set contents enable the user to prepare the HYPER 8.5 RTR for racing in a very short time; the only accessories required are those listed below.

The HYPER 8.5 RTR is based on the successful HYPER 8.5 PRO competition model car (Order No. 90047). The robust, contest-proven running gear geometry and virtually all the dimensions are unchanged, and most of the replacement parts are compatible with each other, which means that it is possible to hone and fine-tune the HYPER 8.5 RTR further, using upgrade and standard PRO-version components.
The high-performance HYPER 21 motor (approx. 3.5 cc capacity) is capable of showing a clean pair of heels to most other competition models. In this respect the HYPER 8.5 RTR sets new performance standards in the 1 : 8 scale Buggy class.
A highly refined »RTR« model, based on the 2007 European Champion car.

Right / left
Throttle / brake

Length approx. 460 mm
Width approx. 305 mm
Height approx. 200 mm
Wheelbase 325 mm
Weight ready to run, approx. 3500 g
Motor 3.5 cc

Twin disc brake, separately variable front and rear
Sealed box for battery and receiver
Wheels and tyres assembled and glued
Tuned pipe and exhaust manifold matched to the Hyper MAC 21 3P motor
Robust articulated joints on the front axle
Fully ballraced
Adjustable Ackermann, variable toe-in and castor angle
Transverse stabiliser bars on front and rear axles
Carefully pre-adjusted and fine-tuned chassis with long spring travels and sophisticated suspension geometry
Extremely robust, torsionally rigid aluminium chassis

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