LiFe-Akku V-MAXX 35C2S2P/4000 Graupner 98973

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LiFe-Akku V-MAXX 35C2S2P/4000 6,6 G3,5/4 Graupner 98973 Description

Cooler, thanks to lower internal resistance
Can be in use for longer periods as they are capable of more charge/discharge cycles
Extremely high voltage curve, in particular with the V-MAXX series
Batteries in protective housing are particularly suitable for operation in RC cars as well as in model boats and model aircraft; they make ideal receiver batteries
G3.5 socket at + pole
G4 socket at - pole
The selection of two different high-voltage connector systems provides protection against reverse polarity.
The double-sided connector system provides an easy means of connecting several batteries in series using the G3.5/G4 dual connector order no. 3000.
#98997.GSET high-current connector set G3.5/G4/2mm includes

LiFe batteries
  • Discharge: 20 - 35C continuous current
  • Discharge up to 2 V/cell possible
  • The LiFe technology supports up to 1000 cycles. (NiMH 50 - 300 cycles, LiPo 50 - 150 cycles, with comparable load)
  • Fast charging in LiFe charge mode
  • Constant current/constant voltage (CC/CV) charging, final charge voltage 3.6 V/cell
  • The special LiFe technology is protected against overcharging up to 4.2 V and prevents the thermal drift so dangerous with LiPo
  • All battery packs have the Graupner balancer connector.

Plug connector: (+ Pol) G3,5 / (- Pol) G4
All-up weight, approx.: 285 g
Max. discharge current (short-term) : 160 A
Applicable controllers: 97168
Max. discharge current: * 100 (* max. Strom des Stecksystems) A
Cell count/Voltage: 2/6,6 V
Capacity: @10A 3600 mAh
Dimensions (LxWxH): 137 x 46,5 x 24,8 mm
Pulsed current: 280 A
Batterie, chemische Zusammensetzung: Lithium Metal
Battterie, Lithium Battery Packaging: batteries_only

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